In-Home Workshop

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We suggest a minimum of 10 guests and require a fee of $350 to be paid in advance. Our educators are our in store Sexperts who have a wealth of knowledge and aim to make your event sexy, fun, and informative!

Current titles and topics include, but are not limited to:

Fellatio 101 - It ain't called a job for nothin'! This workshop covers everything anyone should know to orally please the male member.

Bondage 101 - Get started on the road to restraint. This workshop will types of restrains, rope, positioning and above all SAFETY!

BDSM 101 - Looking to get in touch with your Kink-side and not sure where to begin? We cover bondage, impact play, submission, and, of course, aftercare.

All About Anal - This one is all about exploring the back door. Dispelling the myths and teaching the techniques that everyone can enjoy.

Strap Ons for Everyone! - Always wanted to try a strap one on but have no idea how to get started? We will be covering harnesses, dildos, lubes, positions, and much more!


Please let us know which topic(s) you are considering so that we can coordinate with the educators.

We can also bring a limited amount of topic relevant products for demonstration/sale upon request.

Call or email us for full details! 512-453-8090 or

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In-Home Workshop

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